A Gift of Time is a Treasured
Service... and so Rewarding!

The success of our program relies on year-around efforts of thousands of big-hearted volunteers. Your own involvement has an immediate impact and produces visible results on the lives of many, many people.

The Team...

House Captains: Must have experience in construction or home renovation. Oversees one project from start to finish as team leader, including site visits, determining scope of work, planning & budgeting, assisting to procure in-kind donations of materials/supplies, and efficiently directs volunteers. Average time commitment: 40-60 hrs.

Volunteer Coordinators: Are the point persons for volunteers/employees of the sponsor. He/she recruits and organizes the volunteer workforce for the project. Also serves as liaison with homeowner. Time commitment: from 20-40 hrs.

Skilled Volunteers: Building tradesmen or handy person. We welcome all of the assistance possible from Plumbers, Carpenters, Landscapers, Carpet/Floor Layers, Electricians, Pest Control, etc. Time commitment: from 8-16 hrs.

General Volunteers: The bulk of our workforce. Corporate sponsors usually recruit volunteers within their company to help with a project.

Outside volunteers: Called on when extra help is needed or when we have open projects that require larger-scale volunteer participation.

Back-Up Crews: Needed before and after events. Roving crews are also needed during an event to help with tasks such as painting, landscaping, clean-up, power washing, etc.
Requirements include: Happy energy, enthusiasm, willingness to tackle any task, and a big heart with a smile on on your face.
Time commitment: from 8-10 hours, depending on the particular project.

The Greatest Gift anyone can give is time & talent. Your expertise supports our mission and empowers us all in many amazing and fulfilling ways. Lend a hand fundraising, grant writing, business development, public relations, marketing, graphic design, community outreach, event coordination, and any in-kind donations or solicitation. Time commitment and schedules are flexible.

You'll Feel Good By Doing Good!

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